Coen van Rooij | leerfinishing dames- en herenschoenen

Leather finishing of women's shoes

Steal the show with personalised shoes

Are you looking for pumps in the same colour as your outfit for a special occasion? Beautiful matching wedding shoes for you and your betrothed? A pair of exclusive leather boots in the same style as your designer outfit? We translate your wishes and ideas into a (colour) design and a unique pair of women's shoes. Shoes in which you will steal the show.

A unique pair of shoes to your own design

There's nothing like going off the beaten track every now and then. We like to let our creativity run free on the exclusive, hand finishing of women's and men's shoes. By colouring, decorating, accentuating, matting or glossing the leather, we create chic, colourful or extravagant shoes. Finished entirely to your wishes. With a subtle, personal touch in the form of a monogram or a special date. Or an elaborate picture, inspired by your favourite pet, landscape or painting, on all or part of the shoe.

Craftmanship is...

compile customized leather finish recipes

How does it work?

  • You visit our workshop to select and suit a shoe model. All models are made in Italian style and from a high end white leather fabric, perfect to create de most wonderfull designs.
  • After we have discussed your wishes in detail, we go to work.
  • When we are finished, you will return to collect your special and unique pumps!

We also create art sneakers

Besides art pumps we also create art sneakers. For this we work together with Linkkens in 's-Hertogenbosch, supplier of unique art sneakers from Italy and Portugal.

Live decoration of shoes during events

An exclusive event calls for an exclusive approach. We would be happy to come by and decorate shoes on the spot, painting them by hand. Based on your own wishes or matching the theme of your event. We have various models of pumps and boots available in the most common shoe sizes. Upon request, we can paint the shoes by hand. Just two hours later, the hand-painted shoes in the correct size will be ready for your guests. A unique pair of shoes and a lasting memory!


Coen van Rooij | leerfinishing dames- en herenschoenen

Would you like your leather shoes to be personalised?

Feel free to drop by for a coffee and an introductory chat, including a leather analysis.
Would it be more convenient for us to visit you? That's fine too!


A beautiful triptych has been created in collaboration with lifestyle coach Sharon van Engelen as my model and top photographer Daniëlle Guillonard.
The design of these pumps is in Boho style, matching with hand and arm jewels, inlaid with turquoise gemstones.

Coen van Rooij | leerfinishing dames- en herenschoenen
Coen van Rooij | leerfinishing dames- en herenschoenen
Coen van Rooij | leerfinishing dames- en herenschoenen
Coen van Rooij | leerfinishing dames- en herenschoenen