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Our working method

Professional, reliable, transparent

With our 30 years of experience in leather restoration and finishing, and our knowledge of related products, you can rest assured that you are dealing with experienced professionals. With committed craftsmen, in whose hands your precious possessions are safe. Our work processes are so transparent that you know exactly what you can expect from us.

1. Introduction, leather analysis and treatment plan

Over a cup of coffee at your home or in our workshop in Waalwijk, we will listen to your leather issue, your wishes and the story behind your car or furniture item. We assess the leather upholstery on the spot. By looking, feeling and smelling, we determine the type, condition and colour of the leather. During this analysis, we share our findings with you and explain the options. Once you have made your final choices, we draw up a treatment plan and an offer.

2. Disassembly of leather parts (car interiors)

During the restoration of car-interiors and furniture the leather always remains in place. Older leather can lose its elasticity and suppleness. There is a strong chance that the leather could tear or not quite fit when replaced. By allowing the leather to remain in place, it retains its shape and is easier to work with. Unless your car has already been dismantled, we will disassemble the leather-upholstered parts ourselves.

Craftmanship is...

creativity in finishing for just that extra cachet

3. Removal of the old finishing layers

By applying a new finish, we nourish, improve and enhance the leather, and protect it against grease, dirt, water and scratches. With older leather, we often find that only the finishing layers are damaged. The quality of the leather itself is usually still fine. We therefore clean the leather by removing the old finishing layers by hand. The bare leather is the base to which we later apply a new finish.

4. Composing our own finish recipes

Making colours is our speciality. We know the ingredients, how they interact when mixed and we see what is needed to arrive at a particular colour. Based on the desired result, we formulate a tailor-made finish recipe. We mix together ingredients that each have their own function, such as:

  • colouring products
  • opaque pigments
  • transparent pigments
  • aniline dyes
  • binding agents
  • protein binders
  • plastic binders
  • softeners
  • fillers
  • thickening agents
  • solvents and thinners
  • organic solvents

5. Replacing untreatable leather parts

If certain leather parts have not withstood the test of time, we will replace them with new leather. Leather of exactly the same type and colour with the same finish and print, so that old and new blend seamlessly with each other. The new leather then goes to our car or furniture upholsterer.

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6. The application of new finishing

Before leather is cut, it undergoes various treatments, including two colourings. The first is deep-penetrating and the second is a coating that determines the final colour. Leather restoration is a repetition of the second treatment, during which we apply a new high-quality finish in four or five phases. We first wash the colour into the leather, then spray on 2-3 finishing layers and complete the process with a colourless top layer, providing a gloss or matt finish.

7. Maintenance advice and leather cosmetics

Leather contains natural nutrients that are activated when it is in motion. Just like our own skin, animal hide needs to be cleaned, nourished and protected. When your car leaves the workshop, we provide you with maintenance advice and a set of leather cosmetics, made to our own recipe. For furniture, you receive maintenance and product advice.

8. Restoration documentation (for cars)

If agreed, you will receive documentation of the complete restoration process from us. This leather-bound booklet contains the analysis report, the treatment plan, photos of the interior before, during and after the restoration, and a Certificate of Treatment. In this way, the latest chapter in your car's history is well documented and you can look back on it with great pleasure.