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Restoration of leather furniture

Beautiful leather finishing for furniture with character

Did you inherit a lovely antique but worn-out leather armchair? Did you acquire a discoloured, second-hand leather designer chair? Or have you decided to change the colour of your leather couch? We breathe new life into your leather furniture with a beautiful finish that restores its authentic character. Or gives it a colour, colour combination or leather design that suits your taste.

Back to the old, authentic state

The more authentic, the better. This certainly applies to the restoration of antique and inherited furniture. For furniture with (sentimental) value, a rich history or a distinctive character. During the restoration, we focus on restoring the authentic colour, grain, print, patina and appearance of the leather. Entirely in accordance with your wishes and ideas. So that your chair is as beautiful as it once was, enabling you to relive good times.

Craftmanship is...

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Furniture with your personal stamp

Are you tired of your current interior and ready for a different look? You don't have to go out and buy new furniture straight away. With a few small adjustments, you can often make a big impact. By choosing a different colour, your couch or (dining) chairs will already look completely different. Any print, colour and colour combination is possible. Tell us what you would like and we will transform your furniture and freshen up your interior.

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The desired result guaranteed

You have decided to have your chair or couch restored or refinished, but suddenly you are having doubts. Will it look good? Rest assured, the results often exceed expectations. A good preliminary discussion goes a long way; we talk about your wishes and show you different types of leather, colour samples, finishing layers and reference projects. And if desired, we can test the colour in your home. You can then make an informed choice and look forward to the result with confidence.

Coen van Rooij | leerfinish meubels
Coen van Rooij - leerfinishing meubels

Distributor for furniture finishers

For the past ten years, we have been advising other furniture finishers on things like tricky leather issues and (the use of) leather cosmetics. We not only provide advice on leather finishing and leather finishing products, but we also supply the products (in 5 kg tubs) to smaller furniture finishers.

Would you like an assessment of your leather furniture?

Feel free to drop by for a coffee and an introductory chat, including a leather analysis. Would it be more convenient for us to visit you? That's fine too!