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Restoration of leather car interiors

With leather restoration, there's more is possible than you might think

Has the leather interior of your classic or vintage car lost its sparkle? Your first thought might be to replace it. However, replacing the original leather upholstery is not only a shame but often unnecessary. Almost any discolouration or damage to leather can be repaired. While maintaining its unique character. Because nothing is as beautiful, warm and precious as the original leather.

Leather restoration: back to its original state

With the leather upholstery of your classic car, the more original it is, the better. A leather restoration enhances the value, longevity and character of your car. The quality of the leather is usually still fine. It is mostly the finishing that is worn, discoloured or cracked due to sun, frost, moisture, use or age. During the restoration, we bring back the authentic colour, grain, print, patina and appearance of your interior.

Craftmanship is...

'having the eye' for making the exact colour

Creative leather finishing: for extra cachet

You, as a proud car owner, and we, as expert craftsmen, like to see classic car interiors in their original state. Nevertheless, a little creativity can provide added value. That's why we sometimes stray from the old and familiar, and consciously go for a retro, trendy or rebellious approach. An unusual colour, special combination of leathers or colours, or an exotic kind of leather (such as buffalo, ostrich or crocodile) can give your car extra cachet.

This is how we work >>

Your valuable possession in safe hands

You take great care of your car and your privacy. You can rest assured that we will too. Your car will be safe in our sheltered showroom and our building is excellently protected and insured against fire, burglary and water damage. Furthermore, we treat all information that you share with us as part of our working relationship with discretion and confidentiality.

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Enjoyment afterwards: leather restoration in pictures

When the restoration is finished, you will also receive a lovely reminder of the entire process. A beautiful, leather-bound booklet with:

  • photos of the current interior
  • photos of the restoration phases
  • photos of the end result
  • the analysis report
  • the treatment plan
  • the Certificate of Treatment

In this way, the latest chapter in your car's history is well documented and you have a reference book to browse through at your leisure.

Would you like an assessment of your leather car interior?

Feel free to drop by for a coffee and an introductory chat, including a leather analysis.
Would it be more convenient for us to visit you? That's fine too!

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The company Legendary Classics has included me in the team as a leather restoration expert. They buy and sell beautiful classic cars and know the added value of restoring leather upholstery and returning the leather to its original condition. The car is simply increasing in value! Below is a nice project I took care of on their behalf: the leather restoration of a beautiful old-timer: a Mercedes 280 SE.