Coen van Rooij | expert in leerrestauratie en leerfinishing

About Coen van Rooij

Masterful leather restoration and leather finishing

As craftsmen in our hearts and souls, we love nothing more than to create beautiful things by hand. In our atmospheric workshop, we work day in and day out, fully dedicated to the leather restoration or finishing of someone's pride and joy, such as a car, a piece of furniture or a pair of shoes. With love for the leather. With respect for other people's possessions. And with attention to results: more character, greater value and a longer life.

Brought up surrounded by leather and cars

I grew up in Waalwijk, in the heart of the Langstraat, the cradle of the Dutch shoe industry. Where the railway line from Den Bosch to Raamsdonk was given the nickname the 'half soles line'. Holding my breath, I cycled to school every day past the many tanneries, where preserved animal hides were drying outside. I can still clearly remember the stench.

After school, I also worked in my father's VW and Audi garage. As a 16-year-old, I operated the pump and moved cars around. In between, I fixed up my first car: a battered, old, beige Beetle. When I look back now, it was there, among the leather and handicraft, the mechanics and the smell of oil, that my love for working with leather and classic cars began.

More of a practical person

I was a good student but I didn't like school. I had to see something to understand it. Otherwise I didn't get it. One day in my attic room, after yet another sermon from dad, I was trying to study. Until the smell of freshly mown grass wafted through the open window. And I was gone. After various schools and jobs, I decided to train in health care. The combination of theory and practice suited me. I enjoyed working as a specialised oncology nurse for 12 years, until a new opportunity arose.

Leather finishing for private clients

In 1992, I took over the finishing company Topfinish from a friend. We quickly became specialists in the restoration of batches of damaged leather shoes for shoe manufacturers and wholesalers. At the same time, my desire grew to conceive and make beautiful things myself. That's why I decided that my company Coen van Rooij should focus on small-scale, exclusive leather restoration and finishing for private clients.

Craftmanship is...

restore leather to its original state by hand

The three pillars of our craftsmanship

1. Thorough knowledge of products

Our craftsmanship is based on knowledge of leather and finishing products. After 30 years, our product knowledge is so broad that we advise other finishers and distribute finishing products ourselves.


2. Eye for perfect leather colouring

There is no standard colour system for the colouring of real leather. It requires insight. With our sharp eye, our instinctive feel and our product knowledge, we can create exactly the right colour recipe for you.


3. 30 years' experience in leather finishing

For 30 years, we have been analysing leather types and conditions, restoring leather traditionally and professionally, creating leather designs and inventing our own finish recipes. You can recognise the master at his work.

Coen van Rooij - leerrestauratie auto

Classic car interiors

Are you the proud owner of a vintage or classic car? As a classic car enthusiast, you would like to keep your car in its original state. We would be happy to take on the restoration of the leather interior.

Coen van Rooij | leerrestauratie meubels

Antique and designer furniture

Has your favourite leather chair become discoloured? Have you inherited an old leather armchair that is scratched in places? Or have you acquired a worn-out designer chair? We can finish the leather upholstery in any way you desire.

Coen van Rooij | leerfinishing dames- en herenschoenen

Exclusive women's shoes

Are you looking for pumps or boots in the same colour as your dress for a special occasion? Or a unique pair of shoes with a leather finish specially designed for you? Whatever your wishes, we translate them into leather.