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The art of traditional leather restoration

For characterful cars, furniture and shoes

Leather has a life. The older leather is, the more attractive it becomes. Until moisture, temperature, age, intensive use or poor maintenance affect the characteristic leather upholstery of your classic car or (antique) furniture. Leather can then discolour or dry out. Become dirty or damaged.

Fortunately, leather is easy to restore. Whatever the condition of your leather upholstery, our expert leather finishing brings leather back to life and restores it to its original state. Your vintage chair or car gets its shine back, increasing its value and longevity.

Coen van Rooij, master in leather finishing

Coen van Rooij grew up in Waalwijk, in the heart of the Langstraat, the cradle of the Dutch shoe industry. Holding his breath, he cycled to school every day past the many tanneries, where preserved animal hides were drying outside. Coen now restores classic car interiors, antique and designer furniture as a master leather finisher. He also designs exclusive leather finishes for shoes. After 30 years in his atmospheric workshop in Waalwijk, he still enjoys the authentic character, the special feeling and the warm radiance of leather every day.

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Leather upholstery in exactly the right colour

The (re)colouring of leather is an important part of leather finishing and restoration. Our strength is that we can easily 'see through a colour'. We know the ingredients, know how they behave in a mixture and immediately see what is needed to arrive at the exact colour of your choice. If you show us a colour example, we can mix it 'by sight' and produce a perfect, tailor-made leather finish recipe for you.

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Craftmanship is...

30 years of experience in leather finishing and restoration

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Classic car interiors

Are you the proud owner of a vintage or classic car? As a classic car enthusiast, you would like to keep your car in its original state. We would be happy to take on the restoration of the leather interior.

Coen van Rooij - leerfinishing meubels

Antique and designer furniture

Has your favourite leather chair become discoloured? Have you inherited an old leather armchair that is scratched in places? Or have you acquired a worn-out designer chair? We can finish the leather upholstery in any way you desire.

Project Pumps - Coen van Rooij

Exclusive women's shoes

Are you looking for pumps or boots in the same colour as your dress for a special occasion? Or a unique pair of shoes with a leather finish specially designed for you? Whatever your wishes, we translate them into leather.